Interactive event company portfolio.
Wariscan is an event company that offers an interactive experience for consumers. Using the latest Augmented Reality technology incorporated into their work to create an engaging experiences to visitors.


June 2021


Laman 7


Ui Ux Designer (Generalist),
Webflow developer.


User experience strategy, Visual design & new look on the branding image, and website development.



The objective of this project is to redesign the Wariscan website with the aim to establish Wariscan as a leading player in the Malaysian AR/VR industry. The new website will aim to create brand trust, gather new leads, and offer AR workshops to interested individuals.


  • Wariscan requirement to have a new identity that reflects the full functionality of its main product and positions them as a key player in the AR/VR industry.
  • Another challenge faced is to create a navigational structure that effectively showcases the company’s offerings to different user groups. The design should allow visitors to easily find the information they are looking for, whether it be AR workshops or purchasing their services.

Preliminary Design


We kick off the project with a discovery session, where I had the opportunity to gather user information, gather insights into industry trends and obtain feedback from stakeholders, which is valuable in shaping the experience for the new website.

From the discovery session, I learned that the design should cater to visitors’ intentions for them to easily find the information they are looking for whereas Wariscan has a few products that offer to different target groups.

Concept & Design System

The new concept of “Galaxy with a Techno Mix” is introduced as the creative direction for Wariscan’s new website. The concept aims to create a futuristic vibe aligned with AR technology. The website redesign will showcase Wariscan’s capabilities and highlight the company’s commitment to using the latest technology to provide world-class AR solutions to their customers.

The Design

Final product: wariscan.com

Product Pages

For AR/VR Future Students

The landing page targets people that want to learn and find information about AR/VR

VR Solutions Offering

Virtual Tourism page developed to cater to corporations that is looking to host events integrated with the VR technology

Summary & Learning

In summary, the Wariscan website redesign project was a success. The client was thrilled with the final product, particularly the animation interaction. Through this project, I gained valuable experience in project management, comprehending the business to curate the visitor user journey, and developing the website using Webflow.

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